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Special Occasions

When her second child was diagnosed with a gluten and wheat intolerance, Katelijne Rouffa found that most widely available gluten free products are pre-packed. With a long shelf life these products often compromise in taste, texture, presentation, choice and quality.

She was determined however to focus on the possibilities, not the limitations of life with a food allergy. Coming from Belgium, where bakeries are the hub of daily and social life, she started experimenting in her kitchen with gluten free baking until these products tasted as good or better than the gluten version. As more people started tasting and requesting her baking, Peace of Cake was born.

Peace of Cake is proud to stand for a ‘no compromise’ home baking business that specializes in fresh gluten and wheat free quality products, from day-to-day treats such as scones and cookies to unique cakes for special occasions. No longer does gluten free mean that you have to compromise or that you or your loved ones need to feel ‘different’.

Peace of mind can be a piece of cake.

Special Occasions